La Provence, France

While it was established my blog would be in Inglès for you 14 random people from the internet who follow it, I will reserve the right to title my posts to my liking, and really, I have no idea what “Provence” could be translated to. So it will stay titled in French.

In Marseille the air is warm yet people are cold (physically, they bitch about being cold), ultra modern architecture imposes it’s solid aluminum lines to old crumbly 17th century buildings. A fairly intersting mix the second most populated city of France proposes.


Located directly south ashore from the sea, it is deliciously filled with old buildings and palm trees complete the portrait. The air smells fresh and the groceries aren’t bought at the grocery store. Fruit store sells the fruits, the butcher shop cuts your meat and the breadmaker -you guessed it- bakes your bread fool !


Located minutes away from the gorgeous Callanques, it is truly a gem of the sea, add the wine, cheese and beautiful french ladies to the mix. In the winter it gets freezing and a big glacial 5 degrees , which is super cold compared to my native Montreal -25 c. It is crazy as from first sight you get water, food, weather and all in one city. I’m curious to see more.


Bonus points they speak French and most consider French a very sexy language, albeit a bit hard to learn. I was born into it so aside from my terribly different accent (Canada eh!) I am at an advantage here.

But the Calanque is juste so nice…


And despite the self-described “shitty” french hospitality, a few wine glasses later, actual hospitable french are very nice and inviting! The wine is cheap and very good too !

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