Another day, another cheesy travel blog. This was made originally to stay in touch with some friends and family while I was hitchhiking in Canada in 2014. It was easy to type articles on my phone and the moment I would connect to wifi in your local Tim Horton’s or Wallmart parking lot, it would update.

Some articles are researched and written properly, others are just rants and antics peppered with typos and mistakes. Sometimes I edit content to make it more palatable to an adult audience, other times I just “dump” stuff on here. This is a blog for me, and for close people. Not really meant for anyone else.

There is a catharsis in writing, but whatever this blog is doesn’t intend to be a finished piece. There will be incorrect statements, typos and whatnot.

After crossing Canada on a whim with a friend I discovered the “life” (arguably the privilege of cheap travel in developed countries without fear for my safety) and a few days later I was having an epiphany dipping my feet (and buttocks) in a freezing lake surrounded by the Rockies.

That day it was made clear I needed to see the world, its denizens and the rest was only accessory to that need. I had discovered “Travel™“. Traveling is nice? Shocker, I know. I’m a late bloomer, leave me alone m’kay.

I ended up living in Munich, Germany for a year, using the experience to travel extensively. After my year studying abroad, back in Montreal, I wrapped up University and decided I’d simply move back to Europe.

I’ve been living in Berlin, Germany for half a decade now.


Who am I ?

Just someone who has many passions, and many interests. I finished a graduate diploma in Communications, have a B.A by cumulating certificates and minors in HR management and Sociology from two different universities. My interests lie in new technologies, living with others, labor, and taking pictures.

Follow me by reading my few lines, looking at my pictures or letting me sleep on your couch if I ever get to your part of the world. I do not review products or promote them. Any endorsement is my own, commercial offers will be denied.

Want to get in touch? Use the contact function on the blog.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert et Violette says:

    Je viens tout juste de découvrir qu’on peut laisser un commentaire Bravo! Tous tes propos sont pluitot suaves toutefois, très technique pour Mamie quicroit avoir un génie dans la famille. Elle est complètement dépassée – la pauvre – par tous tes écrits. Elle veut que tu saches que tu perds ton temps avec tout ce 2que tu fais car selon elle, tu devrais faire un journaliste. Elle a peut-être raison.

    Mamie me prie de te dire qu’elle veut absolument aller marger chez Cora (Ile-des-Soeurs) avant ton départ pour l’Allemagne. On invite Lolo.., bien entendu….
    Continue d’écrire sur ton blog et prend la résolution d’écrire au moins un paragraphe pour nous laisser savoir où tu es rendu. Bravo pour ta recette de stew… dommage qu’il ne puisse plaire a tout ton monde.
    On attend tes écrits avec anxiété… Papie & Mamie qui observe.. Bye!

    1. saria131 says:

      🙂 Je prends note haha ! Je vous envoies un courriel des que je rejoins Vancouver !

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