Le Vaucluse, France

It is a very pretty region in the close vicinity of Marseille with a lot of local tourism but few internationals. Not much to say as it’s pretty straightforward but underground water sources, beautiful lakes, cave, grottos and red hills are part of the visit. Gorgeous mountain side cities and old castles on top of hills are there too, it’s France after all.



The Vaucluse famed fountain. We were able to actually enter and climb the grotto as the source was pretty empty due to the warm summer.


View from the remains of a castle atop the nearby hills. A rough and not so safe mini-hike it was.


And the red hills we visited later that day


Mostly used for dyes these days. The stuff will stain anything permanently as it’s iron oxide. Like, they use it to dye bricks and stones for and the colour lasts hundreds of years.

Short photo update, brb going to Paris!

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  1. fmcrobert says:

    Tes photos sont plutot impressionnantes. Si tu vas à Paris, pense à nous qui avons habité pendant plus de trois ans sur les Champs Elysés… près de l’arche de Triomphe, juste en face du Drog Store… pas certain mais je crois que l’adresse était le 54 – 4 ième étage, sous l’annonce de Pernod.
    Tu ne nous a pas parlé du référendum à Dublin… tu en as certainement entendu parler lors de ton passage. Continue ton blog… c’est super! Papi pour Mamie Ah! Ah!

  2. fmcrobert says:

    À qui les ‘snickers” rose pink sucé longtemps?

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