Sixteen hours in London, UK

Hard to visit one of the world’s fashion, finance and culture capital in 16 hours especially when most of that time will be spent travelling, packing, getting lost and sleeping.

Especially with a camera that does not handle high ISOs very well



In the end, London is gorgeous, pretty busy at night in the right districts yet everything is closed past midnight. Big Ben is awesome but hard to take a good picture of.

Don’t try to find something to eat or drink past the twelfth tick of old Ben, it’s like the heart of the UK just stops beating. Aside from nasty looking pubs that is. But then again, they close about an hour later.

1h of roaming and not even an open pub or a McDonald’s to fill our travelling stomachs.image

Guess I’ll see you again London, we’ve got some unfinished business.

On this picture of Anarchy in the UK…


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