Loch Ness, UK

We arrived in Scotland at close to midnight in a small coastal town called Cairnryan next to the eponymous loch. The harbour was dark, empty and far from anything else.

We met a nice guy from Brazil that one of us met before, that rendered hitching a ride next to impossible. Decided we walked on the dark scottish intercity way. It was dangerous, so much in fact that we backed to the harbour after about 10 minutes. Got a taxi instead. Old school, no meter, nice scottish guy. We ask, just for the kicks, how much it is to get to Glasgow since he has no meter. He answers, it’s only 90 pounds for the 160mi drive. We decided to do it.

But arriving in Glasgow at past 1 in the morning finding a place to sleep proves to be extra hard. We end up four in a 2 simple bed room. Next day is spent planning and today is spent taking a bus up north to see the famousbloch where the legend takes its name…


The glens on the way are simply fabulous, nothing to do with Ireland, simply breathtaking. Glencoe specifically. We learn a bit about scottish clan wars and myths then set to meet the monster.

No luck.

Or… could it be ?


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