Clochán an Aifir, UK

In Gaelic ou “La chaussée des géants” en Français, is the name given to the world heritage site located on the northern tip of the island of Ireland. Composed of over forty thousand basalt blocks over thousands and thousands of years old.

The blocks interlock as steps and create what the olde folk named the Giant’s Causeway.


It is truly a gorgeous site worth the detour. We left Bushmills by foot a bit past 5:30 am to make sure to have plenty of time free of tourists. It is actually free to enter the site but beware, on tourist hours everyone will try to charge you something.

The blocks themselves are separated in some sorts of bays and at some hours of the day waves come crashing hard against the pillars, splashing and trashing everything around.


It is hard to believe that theses are a natural occurrence, but I urge anyone in Ireland to swing by, bonus points for the early hike.

Despite the lack of sun (Irish weather obliges) it is a unique sight.

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