Vancouver and the meaning of life

It is most curious to have your life instant realisations incthe most odd places. I had one for instance while in the freezing waters of a small mountain lake in Canmore, surrounded by the glory of the Canadian Rockies, their reflection in the crystaline waters of the glorified pond I was basking in with two German travellers and a long time friend of mine. Yet the second time, I came to realize the meaning of life while listening to Mumford & Sons while flying over Vancouver, British Columbia while on my way back home.


The sight of the mountains and lakes of the west coast, a distant land still very much part of my country. And minutes later, flying over the desert of the Okanagan Valley and it’s multiple orchards. The only true desert in Canada, did you know ? (If you do not count the frozen wastes of the north, I know Markus),

So for some it’s money, pretty blondes and fast cars. For others it’s Mumford & Sons, Canadian Landscape and knowing that you had great time with very little.

Now, enough cheese, what about Vancouver say you ?

I like to think of Vancouver as Canadian California. Ocean, hippies, beaches and all the fun that comes with all of that.

Vancouver is an enormous city connected to the Pacific Ocean and spiced up by traditionnal Canadian warmth. The surrounding landscape is gorgeous, summer weather is the best. It feels very much like a slightly more American Montréal, throw in some better summer weather and beaches, less snow more rain in the winter time.

Very multi cultural, this city offers a lot of Asian culture as well. While some see it as a problem, other view it as a boon.

From commercial drive to hastings, there is always something to do. Drumcircles on the beach, Irish pubs, city scape exploration, park bicycle rides and gorgeous sunsets composed my west coast experience.

I highly recommend Vancouver to anyone who thinks Montréal is amazing but either too French or not American enough, likes the Ocean and thinks Toronto is quite boring.

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