Camping cooking: Mike’s legendary casserole

Chef Mike always has been an ecclectic cook. As a tree planter, he needs something quick, not perishable, easy and that will fill a tummy without needing to go eww stuffing all them ramens down his throat.

So Mike figured he’d work on something. And one dark and lonely wednesday night (cause no fridays can be lonely for Mike as his hips don’t lie), on a tree farm, he carefully elaborated his master piece on a coleman stove. Mix. Mix. Swirl.

Mike’s legendary tuna casserole was born.

Enough history lessons, let’s get this started. You will need an actual casserole.

Two cans of tuna (2$)
One mini can of condensed mushroom cream (1$)
Pasta (rigatoni, fusilli, etc)

Simple enough. Cook the pasta, slap in the condensed soup (don’t add the extra water) then, add in the tuna.

Feel free to spice up in anyway you like this 3$ – 3 big portions meal.


Enjoy your meal

Bush chef & Tree planter

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