Camping cooking: on the go irish stew

It is important to eat well, especially on the go.
On the road, good food goes a long way with long days and efforts.

Today, this post will be a culinary experiment, I will show you you how to cook a delicious on the go Irish beer stew.

Step 1: Get the right tools.
Something to heat stuff up (portable gas stove, nearby convenience store microwave oven)
Something to stir and eat (please proceed with a spoon, that’s what I implied)

Step 2: ingredients
Irish Stew

A can of your favourite irish stew, I used the homebrand yo! (Gipsy life be expensive dawg)

Beer you like, I used Molson’s Black Label beer, it reminds me of Saguenay, and is about one of the only affordable beers in British Columbia (with Alberta premium and Big Surf, can’t go wrong with these brands. Best of the shittiest) at about 9$ for a six pack, and it’s 8%, so 2% tastier than most yeah!

Stuff you want to add to the stew, carrots and crap you know…


Step 3: Get the ingredients ready (and stuff)

Basically get something to open a can, dump the stew in anything that is stovetop safe or you know, just cook it straight in the can (like a true nature warrior eating straight from the tap- or can)
Open the beer, drink about half of it !

Step 4: get cookin’

Put the can / container on your heat source (fire, stove, gas thingy, blowtorch, that dark haired girl from the other camp…)
Get it bubbling, add beer, wait for more bubbling

Step 5: serve
Self explanatory

Step 6: Enjoy
Stuff that in your mouth and enjoy your home cooked meal, you are now a camping chef

Caution: might be really hot (not so much if you *actually* tried to cook it on a visually attractive woman, enjoy your cold meal you creep)

Step 7: Beware of vegan tent arsonists

It is common sight in the western part of Canada to meet vegan drifters. While generally warm, welcoming and eager to share their meals with you, they are not to be played with. Keep an eye out for cooking stew might anger them to the point of setting your tent, you or your friends on fire.


Eat safe

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