Partnachklamm, Germany

We did not get to sleep as much as we would have liked to. Nonetheless we got up to the buzzing sound of my old HTC cell phone’s alarm, recycled as an clock, because of its terribly annoying ringer.

We packed in a haste our backpacks. My friend with a tiny sling bag smaller than many women purses. Me, with a gargantuan 75l Guerrilla Packs 3 days hiking pack. Filled them with water bottles and some essentials, a bit of photography equipment, and we were on our way.

We both felt a small pressure in the back of our heads, probably directly correlated with the amount of alcohol consumed during the last few days spent in Prague and the little party we attended the evening before, involving a whole bottle of scotch me and my friend Vince shared.

We met the others from the international club at the Hauptbahnoff (Central train station) and helped round every student from the Hochschule together. Afterwards, everybody headed to the train and boarded. The journey was storyless aside from greying skies and endless green fields. But at some point, through the horizon, small points grew bigger and bigger. The Alps and their pointy white summits where greeting us.

Piercing the clouds were the Alps, and they grew bigger as we got closer.

We got off the train in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and crossed slowly the tiny village, heading for the first rocky sides of the mountains.

A small clip of our walk

While headed to the “Klamm” it was more of a pleasant walk than a hike for the most part, the harder part was after the first course.

hike (4 of 1)

The journey was separated in two parts. The first part was the actual Klamm, a flooded ravine with quite the water flow to it. It was an interesting experience to navigate through the crack, and when we emerged, we had a steep hill to hike. Walking through the galleries, climbing in the muddy woods, the end was well worth it !

A nice cold Maß in the Alps.

Oh and that’s Luke, he doesn’t like shoes and so avoids wearing them quite often. It wasn’t that much of a surprise that he would decide to cross in the water rather than on the bridge when presented with the opportunity.

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