A Formulæ

You know you have the right formula when living abroad has this perfect mix of home routine, friends and adventure.

Being able to balance a certain level of social comfort while still having stars in your eyes when walking around is what makes it all an exquisite experience. All of these little meaningful moments that you are going to miss when you make your way back.

All things you could do wherever you are from but take another form when abroad.

Think about it

Some things as simple as texting your friend that it’s been a while since both started working, and ending up a few hours later, after work, at the local ice cream parlor like we used to do every other day when I was fresh off the plane or so to speak.

ice cream

Weather is never inappropriate enough to prevent us from enjoying ice cream.

Some things as amazing as not seeing another friend for a while and having her invite you to simply the best pancakes ever. Starting the breakfast at 11h with typical Bavarian beverages for the morning.


Weißbier, for breakfast of course !

The smell, whipped whites, flour, strawberries, chocolate chips, bananas and TRUE maple syrup. It was glorious.

The simple spontaneous things that make you feel at home even thought you are not. But are you not really ?

Where is home ? I read “Home is where the heart is” online.

Well, I do not know about you guys but my heart happens to be in my chest. . .

I tend to think home is where the good friends are. . .Could it be possible to have more than one home now ?

It is quite something to feel at home somewhere but also like a stranger.

Walk of shame

But how are we supposed to feel when you can find your way home, obscenely late at night, after making sure your local friends are capable too ?


Maybe these questions need no answer and all that is needed is to keep doing what makes us happy, like having a friend over for the weekend and chasing the geese to the water, with for scenery a beautiful Baroque castle. . .

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