Das Studentenleben

The student life.

Never was I considered like someone who parties a lot. Neither was I ever considered like someone who would like to forgo a bit of comfort in favor of sleeping in the public showers of a Canadian national park, or live in a 12m² flat.

Then, I delved right into the possibilities of German night life by pub crawling some really odd places in Berlin, and went out regularly in Bavaria with some local friends.

*You can read about that here

Where the fun really lies however, is usually in the unexpected.

Like that day. . .

When my friend invited me to go to the pub with her flatmates but wanted me to swing by a bit earlier so we could drink a bit at her place. . .

In Germany it is the norm to show up at places around 23h. And go back home at 2 if you use public transport, 5 if you really don’t care about the next day or possible headaches.

So I show up at her place around 8. I already know two of her flatmates. We start drinking a bit, listening to some music, talking etc.

Getting things going…

Then the neighbors show up with “Looping Louie” (Rated 7+)

The goal ? Avoid the plane touching the little plastic disks with printed chickens on them. If they get just a bit touched, they fall. You make the looping plane bounce with a lever. You have 3 chickens. Loose them all and you are out.

How is it fun ?

Bien entendu, it is a drinking game. Every time you loose a chicken, you take a gulp of your strong drink, or a few of your beer. After a few rounds, people get loud, rowdy and . . . pretty bad at it. Extra drinking ensues.


We ended up never going to the pub

My friend lives in a shared flat that has a few rooms, sharing kitchen and other amenities. They do have one asian student, that does not speak English, that likes to complain to the administration every time there is a bit of noise. Bu that day, he was not complaining, and as such, they decided to seize the unprecedented opportunity to stay home.

Looked at my watch, it was well over 4-5am. 

Dragged my carcass to an inflatable bed my friend got, and lights out.

I get up, friend makes breakfast, and after, planned on heading home. -Not!

-LET’S MAKE HAMBURGERS ON THE GRILL, I wisely proposed. (It was beautiful outside and 15 Celcius warm)

Photo not taken by me. Ezgi Türkyilmaz

Go to the shop, buy enough stuff for 10 people, spend an awful lot of time community cooking it, end up going back inside because *wind*

eating out

At this point it’s almost 5 pm, and I get invited to the birthday party of someone, everyone whom I partied with the day before lives in the complex, I live on the other side of the city.

-Eh, sure

Go to the home party, drink, dance, hang out with the first fellow French-Canadian I get to meet since 6 months abroad. Great opportunity to give my home slang my best destruction of the French language and reconnect with home.

Drink more, dance, music, drunk people giving each other lap dances in the dance circle, I get one so of course I give one.

Go back at around 3am again…

Too late to head home. Go back to the inflatable mattress. . . Neck pains, tired…

Realize I have been dressed the same way for over 36h, the next morning when I wake up.

-Damn it, I have to be cleaned, dressed properly, and with all my photography equipment at the other end of the city in 2 hours and a half and it takes me a good 1h to make it home…

The student life…

Oh and turns out, even burnt out, some shots come out pretty nice. . .

Unterirdischen Waltz
Unterirdischen Waltz

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