Vanished Elsewhere – Name Change

Recylcing my old blog’s name, using my family name as url. Two things that are not really efficient or original.

It all made sense when I was crossing Canada and had limited internet time and resources. However, now settled, at least in a temporary fashion, in Munich, I have spare time.

I can therefore change the name of my blog. My blog also has as many followers and subscribers that I do not know, as in the first place it was intended for friends and family as a means of following my adventures.

Now quite certain that I will continue to travel, investing 10-50$ in the blog makes sense. As such I decided to rename it. Most of interesting names, of course, are already taken.

I like to think that I somehow disappear temporarily from home when abroad. That there is a big crater opening under your feet, and you just vanish away. Only to return at some point. Or not.

Vanished Elsewhere

The old URL will stay as long as I see fit. The new URL is active as well. 

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