OTGG: Quality audio on the go


On the go gadgets.

You like to listen to music? Like to listen to music so that it doesn’t sound like absolute garbage. But you are a You can make it happen.

First I’m not an audiophile. I just like my stuff not to sound like crap. But yes, half my playlist consists of MP3 files etc.

Now I will not review anything in details, but you did know that portable amplifiers, DACs and the likes existed right? No  !?

Well, the good news is they are cheap and if you do your research you can get something pretty good running.

I myself, use a laptop while travelling. While powerful enough for most, it still plays music like crap. Just like most laptops.

Now, I decided to get myself two gizmos before moving for a year. The first is a DAC. A DAC is a Digital-to-analog converter. Now, it is basically a device that does a big part of your sound card’s job. It mostly improves the sound quality and ups the volume a bit externally. Takes your digital files and makes them into good-old-analogue sound. After shopping around quite a bit, It was clear that Fiio was the way to go with my limited budget. I got myself the Fiio EO7K. A little less than 100$.  Plugs by USB in a computer and does what it’s advertised to do. Process your music well.

Now, what sets it apart aside from a DAC’s job. Is it acts as a portable amplifier too! Got good headphones but your cell phone/iPod can’t drive em well?  This has a battery in it and a regular 3.5mm audio jack you can hook up any portable music player too, and then you plug your headset in it and enjoy.

It also does something else well. It has two line outs. Separate. So you can enjoy it all with a friend. In the plane, on the bus, in the woods. Want to both listen to music without sharing headphones, now you can.

The second step, a good pair of headphones.

Audiophile buddies spit on your headsets because you spent less than 300$ on em? Well, the secret is research and sales. You can get yourself really good quality headphones for 100$. That is the most I would ever spend on headphones. They break, get lost, get stolen. Why bother. But a good pair of a good brand will run you 300$ or more.

The secret is to get them at big box electronic stores as they liquidate them the minute they get discontinued. However good headphones take a long time to actually get discontinued. The manufacturer just changes the packaging, colours, accessories etc. But a good design of good quality is timeless.

I got myself some Sennheiser Amperior for about 100$ at BestBuy on sale from over 300$. The reviews were outstanding, the packaging is good, the company well known to produce good devices. They still go for between 400$ and 300$ on Amazon. Just keep an eye out in big box stores.

So 100$ discount headphones and a little less than 100$ for a portable DAC/amp. It’s a great deal. Use Amazon for easy to read reviews!

Enjoy the music

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