Is there Cork in Cork, Ireland ?


That is the question Guillaume der gnome was asking in the bus on our way to Cork this afternoon, Galway having no cheap hostels with free rooms or places to couch surf.

I’m so happy we made the trip. See, Cork is exactly like Dublin but smaller, a tad more silent and yet, it seems much more lively. A beautifull town filled with old buildings, gorgeous grafittis, churches and odd small streets.


As the rest of the day went by, we found a small hostel, about 18 euros a night, with kitchen, wifi, nice other guests all on top of a small hill. We liked Cork so much, immediately after walking around did we book another night.

The day was spent exploring the snake like avenues, rescuing a concussed bird that ended up tragically as a traffic bump anyways on our way back. Walking by the canal and roaming in the garden-like pathways around the faculty of applied psychology of the university of Cork.

Beautifull pictures were taken, and nice fat birds were observed. Tonight we planned on kicking off instead of living the jetlag. This and Mary trying to remember a specific car advertising, litterly eating her from the inside trying to remember it. #firstworldproblems (yes that was a hashtag, deal with it)




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