The travel gear in use / stuff that I lug around most of the time.

Trusty camera is number one. Where ever I go, she goes.


 A beaten up Nikon D7000 DX Camera with vertical grib. Carrying it around for it’s full hd filming, 16 mpx pictures and magnesium weather-sealed frame.

Set of lenses for it. :

Sigma AF EX D 18-50mm f2.8,  perfect for low-light situations, most used lens.

Nikon AF 50mm F1.8,  amazing for portraits, or pitch black photography.

Tamron AF LD XR DiII 18-200mm f3.5 – 6.3, Great all around lens for outdoors. Amazing zoom.* Great cheap lens but hardly used it in favor for my sigma 2.8. So I sold it to buy food and pay the bills.

Nikon AF 80-200mm f2.8, great used lens from 1990s, super sharp teleobjective. It’s huge size and ridiculous weight made me leave it in Canada.

Trusted pro flash; Nikon SB-800 TTL Flash. Big and powerful yet relatively compact. Makes miracles with a soft-box diffuser.

Small & light aluminum Velbon tripod, Similar Monopod

Go pro hero 3+ Black edition. 1080p 60fps wideangle unbreakable filming tool.

LG G2 Unlocked cellphone. Its not too big, has an amazing camera, 3200ma battery which makes it last 50% longer than any other smartphone. Compliant with today’s most random standards. NFC, BT, bla bla bla* While I am still happy with the phone, turns out i’ll never buy a flagshit expensive cellphone again, like all the rest, 6 months and it becomes turtle slow and 20% of my touchscreen is on strike most of the time.

Samsung XE303C12 Chromebook; Light, dirt cheap, good battery. Bought for a little over 100$ used. Everything cloud based, perfect for blogging, facebook, looking stuff up and watching movie. Bonus points for being so cheap that it gets banged around a lot, and if it gets lost or stolen, It won’t break the bank. *Sold it while in Munich since I hardly used it now that I don’t travel for extended periods, no need for a computer.

Trusty Guerria Packs Roundhouse 60l Backpack; Survived the Canadian bush, being lugged around in a busted pickup, beaten up by airports, all that while carrying a 1000$ laptop, photography equipment and never flinching. (Aside from Dublin airport who made it need some sewing). Super cheap on Amazon, decent quality. Plenty of space. Very useful daypack. 

Magnum “Stealth force” Hiking boots, Got ’em for under 200$, used them for years. Paintball, travel, dust, water, mud, oil, ice, and thousands of walked kilometers. They don’t look new anymore but still got a few years of beating into them. They also weight nothing, so light. Made out of polymer, so if you ever go through them WHILE travelling, you can slow melt-mend them with a hot iron / coal.

Cheap green shemagh scarf; It’s a scarf. It’s a quick drying towel. It’s a thin blanket. It’s a pillowcase. It’s a hat. It’s a face mask that resists dust. It’s a cloth water filter. It’s something to hang on your bag to recognize it. It’s a bandage should you injure yourself. It’s a tourniquet should you badly injure yourself. All that for 10$. Bonus points for marking you as a dirty hippie.

A reliable watch, I have a Basic model Citizen Eco-Drive; Battery time keeping reliability, with infinite solar power charging. Canvas strap to survive anything and stay comfy. No fancy bells and whistles. Tells date and time, with no worries for battery or scratches.

Moleskin pocket notebook; takes paper notes, on the go. Infinite battery, super reliable, mega HD screen (when you draw better than me).

Something sharp; Used to have a Small Gerber Para-frame knife but had to be ditched at the airport at some point. Replaced in France by a probably fake Laguiole pocket knife.

GOOD SOCKS; I personally broke the bank and bought myself a few pairs of Merino Icebreaker Hike Medium Crew socks. And it is magical. You can wear them days up days by rotating them. No smell, No wet feet. Keeps warm when it’s cold, keeps fresh when it’s warm. At 25$ a pair, they are worth it. Only “performance” clothing  own. And I do not regret at all. Guaranteed for life. After a few uses you need to wash them, and they take just a few hours do dry when hand washed.

Bigger laptop: Photo / Video editing; I currently use a Lenovo Ideapad Y410p 14” laptop, running windows 8.1 on a hacked bios.
Specs: Intel i7-4700MQ Haswell quad-core 2.4ghz CPU. 8gb SDRAM DDR3. Nvidia GTX 755m 2gb optimus. 1.0Tb HDD. 24Gb Cache SSD, Dualband AC Wifi BT 4.0.



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