Flashback: Greta in NYC, USA

So, there I was, at the terminal, waiting for my flight to New York City. Only a six hour drive, but why spend half of my weekend going there and coming back when with just a bit of Kerosene I could spread my steel wings and fly there.

Truth be told, almost 10 years later and now living in Europe, it seems insane to me. Then again, having been to NYC by train from Montreal, it is almost triple the price of flying on top of taking ages.

Greta was a friend met during her exchange semester abroad in Montreal and we grew fond of each other’s social inadequacies. She considered me as someone socially capable and I consider my constant social fumbles as cringe worthy. Same for her. “Fwiends”

Long story short, we became good friends and alcohol consumption partners during her time in Montreal. Her stint in the north was unfortunately short lived. For, you see, her life long dream had always been of moving to New York City. And she did it. Although temporary. Filling her Lithuanian heart with joy, leaving Montreal behind as well as sketchy Amsterdam (the city she called home for the better part of her adult years) and now was living the American dream.

I had to catch her at her highest as we had seen each other at our lowest, and because if she didn’t land the internship in New York that she was gunning for, we might not see each other for a while.

As soon as I arrived, we met where I was staying and headed to China town. Greta has a little weakness for everything Asian. We needed to indulge a fierce bubble tea desire, and she knew just the place. It wasn’t the L2 lounge from Montreal, but it did the trick.


The next thing we eventually did was hit the beach. There’s a beach in NYC you ask? A few in fact. Granted it is not the best and the water is terribly cold, but it was a good excuse to get out of Manhattan.

We headed to Queens and to Rockaway beach. Grabbing dodgy Philly cheese steak subs from a nearby corner store.


Greta was adventurous enough to dip her toes, quickly to regret it. I, filled with infinite wisdom (about the water being cold AF) did not oblige.

Queens is particular because you constantly hear the roaring of planes about to land or take off. Thousands of people from everywhere in the world flock every minute to New York. JFK Airport being nearby, it is easy to catch interesting pictures.


We even had some wine…

A few selfies later we opted for calling it a day and to head back.

It wasn’t sunny or even warm. So eh. F* it.


The rest of the weekend was spent on more escapes to the city. We helped Monique, whom I usually crash with when I am in New York, with setting up one of her Art Hostel Exhibits.


We spent one of the evenings having ramen with Greta’s then boyfriend, abusing the cheap beer they had on tap. Eventually heading to another bar, and then to famous “Artichoke” Pizzeria. Which I now only consider famous for how it screwed up my stomach.

We took other nice selfies:


And continued exploring the New York City night…


Eventually we called it a night. The next day I already had to leave.

We enjoyed the first part of the day grabbing food, hitting Times Squares and then having some over priced beers in a Manhattan rooftop bar.

Then I headed home.

Little did we know… we would meet again in Amsterdam and then Berlin, many years later.


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