Bavarian September ends

Greenday’s “Wake me up when September ends” suddenly makes a lot of sense.

With October already well on it’s way, it marks the end of the biggest folk fair in the world. Oktoberfest is over. It is year after year held in Münich, Bavaria, Germany. An international fatherland symbol.

Held every year in the Theresienwiese, Theresa’s Meadow in english. The meadow was named after the wife of Bavarian king Ludwig the First. The event kept on to this day.

Every year, roughly 7 million liters of beer are drank, roughly 7 million visitors partake in the event. It is also half a million roasted chickens sold.

People walk the streets dressed in the traditional Bavarian clothing including Dirndls. Nice old fashioned dresses of all shapes and colors. The men wear leather pants and old time’s jackets and hats with feathers, trophy pins and even sometimes dead small animals !

Starting it all with the traditional parade.

Then, for good measure, I visited a Brewery. Which involved drinking quite a bit of beer too!




From the first weekend where I went with friends from school, got lost and ended up spending many hours dancing on tables with two super cool Bavarian girls, walking oddly funny back home.

To the second weekend where I went with my friend Denise and her Friend, Regina, that was visiting. Spent some time around Olympia park also ending up dancing on the tables at Oktoberfest, thwarting an attempt from our Brazilian table mate trying to get one of the girl’s phone number. Walking funny the way back and ranting about how I hated McDonald’s while my tiny friend dragged me and her friend back home, is how the evening ended.


To the final weekend where a friend of mine travelled a bit form Berlin and we had an amazing weekend running around Münich, getting me leather pants and her a Dirndl and cruising around the fair, all Bavarian.
Me being a bad fair partner as most rides spin on themselves and I hate it quite a bit because it makes me feel sick. Especially after the ingestion of alcohol. Going on the Ferris wheel, meeting a Kiwi and Slovenian, loosing my friend in the crowd and meeting back at my place. Now proud owner of leather pants.

Up to there everything is a blur. Three weeks that passed by so fast. From me getting an apartment, a bank account, yaddi-yadda paperwork.

Hanging out with locals, everyday seeing new things.
Once in a while staying home in my bubble so my brain doesn’t explode with all theses new images of awesome.

Bavaria now goes back to normal mode, rare traditional clothes sightings, still a lot of beer, only, not over priced. And school starts.

I thought to myself, it would be a rough ”downer” now that I am accustomed to the city, not partying, just going to class etc. But, that Monday morning I opened my mailbox to find myself invited to a party on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to a club with friends, Saturday to a castle/city visit in the day and student party at night, two house parties the next week. I understood that living the student life would not involve me making myself into a ball in a corner and staying home. I was in another country !!

The life abroad does not get boring once you got settled.

You make it to be boring, but it does not get boring by itself.

I voted against boring. Plenty of time to be boring back home.

The end part of September is a blur, but I am pretty sure that once back home, it will all seem like a blur of a year. But one of the nicest blurs of my life.

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