Journey to München (2/2)

Setting up a new life

A long bus ride later, I find myself looking through the big tinted windows to a gorgeously old German city. Thinking about the fact that I will be here for some time, a good year or a bad year. I had to make the most out of it I told myself.

Getting lost, on the phone, my good friend Denise trying to give me directions through the device. I make my way to the subway and figure out the inner workings of the transport system carrying my life on my back.

Enter an old train wagon, everyone staring at the newcomer. Finally, I make it to Studentenstadt. On the quay, my friend is waiting for me. Months have gotten by, she hasn’t changed a bit. She skips a bit to me, we hug and walk towards what would soon become my new neighbourhood…

I was just in time for her boyfriend’s surprise birthday party. The best part is I heard so much about the guy and never met him.

We had a blast.

Getting a place to live

Not an easy thing in Munich. On the one website that is very popular to find rooms and apartments. Munich has 15,000 requests for rooms for 400 room offers in early September. The Studentenwerk, an organism overseeing the management and distribution of student accommodations in Munich, has a waiting list of 4 semesters and 1500 students waiting for a room. I showed up twice, in the morning, first hour. And managed to get something. Chalk it up to my puppy face, the fact that I’m good with words or just outright lucky, I was granted a place to live. 250€ per Month, view on Munich, private micro-kitchen and bathroom.

I was just happy that I would not have to stress my life away to this and could take a bit of time to visit the city.


Enjoy my new neighbourhood.


Get a cool Bavarian hat.


Make new friends.


Enjoy their company and really get in touch with the culture.


Get in touch with the locals in their natural habitat.


Not a good example, maybe more this;


Get health care, open a bank account, transfer my money, get an ID, register at the city, get a Visa permit and all the other cool things. Come to the realization that Germany is a ton of paperwork and that I won’t have enough money to cover everything 😦 Buuuut enrol in University 🙂


Use of retarded smileys stops here.
Make more new friends there.


Realize how much I missed my past roomie’s cooking. Enjoy it again.


Now, Oktoberfest. Prost!


(They can keep my 1€ mug deposit, I’m keeping the Maß!)

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