Topography of terror & Berlin Third wave coffee

What better way to kill the day’s spirit than visiting an exposition about how Germany tried to eradicate Warsaw from the face of the earth. An exposition set up in the ruins of an old Gestapo headquarters about the city we now call the Phoenix of Poland. 85% of its structures utterly destroyed or wiped from the face of the earth but also it’s population reduced from 1.3 million to one thousand in the aftermath. A very grim part of history overlooked by other dark sides of the WWII era. An exposition about the ruthlessness of the Nazis, the industrial genius and efficiency used for war, but also the power of hope, and the resistance in the eye of despair. It introduces you to the butchers of Warsaw, some of history’s worst war criminals but also some of the less known heroes such as Stefan Starzyński.

The next day decided to follow the words of a wise man and go have a good coffee. Like, really good. The wise man being a 30-year-old half-drunk Australian, whom with me, his brother with the killer moustache and two young Austrian girls on a Eurotrip drank quite a bit.

Dan told me he was quite the coffee nerd, asking me if I liked coffee.

I Told him I was crazy for the stuff but merely an enthusiast, not a big buff or one of those “purists”. I just know to enjoy a good cup is all.

He told me the best coffee he had in Berlin was off-circuit, a small place called Linnen nearby the Elderswalter station. And there it was, simply decorated, with a truly nice German gentleman-barista behind the counter. He was telling me it’s not so easy to get a cup of good joe in Berlin. He said he’ll make me something simple, elegant but nothing to impress. Just what he makes himself when he gets to work.

A 2€ tasty cappuccino. Perfect foam, perfect temperature, fresh taste, not too bitter.


As time goes by, Third wave coffee is attacking Berlin, nesting itself in small shops, some with cold drip, some with V60, all of the keywords the total coffee nerd loves and shakes for, but that someone who just likes a good cup can’t make sense of.

All in all, Berlin has a surprisingly good list of very upscale, quality-wise, coffee joints. Open up google and start tasting!

Question is, what will you drink this morning?

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