Berlin, Berlin

I was not 24 hours in Berlin I was already in love with the city.

First it was the evening when I arrived so I just sat under the world clock staring at the tv tower while some guy played hangdrum next to me in exchange for euro cents.

Then a small pub with it’s impolite bartender but beautiful emplacement. Suddenly it was time for some curry wurst. Basically a culinary revolution in Berlin. Imagine sliced sausage. Ketchup. Curry powder. Ya that’s it. But hey it’s kinda good. Just don’t know what the fuss is all about.


The next morning we toured Berlin’s underground art scene and graffiti. The wall was obviously our first stop. Now, I won’t delve in history lessons but the Berlin wall, or “Die Berlin Mauer” is a pretty unique thing in history. When a city was divided in two. East and West.

Many graffiti later, we were introduced to an African beach bar that was originally a squat project turned into a full blown legitimate business. The YAAM. Sand, beach chairs, beer and a place for people of a certain cultural heritage to meet and mingle. Anyone else is welcomed too !

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Short stop at the UrbanSpree, an underground art gallery and bar scene. A pint of Rollberg and chitchat with the girl who showed us all theses cool places, then an extra pint, just living the Berlin dream. And off we were to spend a few hours before….the crawl.

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