Shits and Giggles

Is there nothing like an evening in a city you call home.

Feeling like you cannot fathom that surge of travel desire, or desire to meet new interesting people.

It’s always amazing to just enter a hostel following a friends invitation. To be greeted by a microbiology PhD lad from Saskatchewan, that’s actually Irish, cooking an authentic Thai meal in MontrĂ©al, QC. Predictably introduced by a German friend met in British Columbia. This my friends, is what we call life and the miracles of the road. The randomness of it all and distance of each element making that story of is what really ties the experience together


Meeting interesting people, in interesting contexts, at random intervals of your life, doing even more random things. But appreciating every inches of it. This is why you should stay in hostels on the road and not hotels. In Hotels people do not meet, do not connect or exchange. In hostels, sharing bunk beds and the same kitchen kind of makes things happen.

It’s all about the shits’n’ giggles in the end. Might as well have a lot of them up your sleeve with the most unpredictable people figuring in your stories.

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