While most will consider Walmart like a great store, some will also regard it in a very negative way, I am usually of the later.

However in the spirit of being broke and needing a place to catch a snooze, Walmart really is the best.

Did you know that most Walmarts will let you sleep in your car or park your camper overnight in their parking lots ? In most states, Walmart being a corporate private citizen, the police cannot make you leave unless a manager or responsible asks so, and they do not.
You see, their logic comes from the fact that you’ll buy from them in the morning and that it costs them nothing to let you sleep there.


The other cool things is that walking around, being smelly and dressed like maklemore coming out of the thrift shop won’t get you thrown out, not even doing your dishes in their washrooms, as you’ll just look like a big chunk of their regulars: just another weirdo.

Oh, and free Wifi. Thanks Walmart for letting me sleep in your parking lot in the middle of Calgary last night. Thanks for letting me torrent game of thrones episodes a few days back too !

Oh and if you haven’t noticed yet, this blog is bilingual. No stress.

Greetings from the partyvan


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