The people you meet

Travel is all about the people you meet and the places you see. I started the trip to BC from Montreal with my friend Anny, a nurse, art undergrad, painter and accomplished artist that needed a breath of fresh air. Good friends since college. I took my trip to Banff with someone met at random, online, with whom I crossed Canada from Ottawa to Banff; Markus, German adventurer. Spent plenty of time at Walmart together or hearing him tell us his stories about road killing a kangaroo or telling us about yet another country he visited.

Later on, Brenden hopped on the ride;


A cool guy from Alberta, good heart, likes to party big time and was great company,
And a tad later, we dropped him off, but the next day, we met Alexandra, a cool German adventurer, spending the next 6 months hitchhiking across Canada. Seems like Germans know more about my country than I do.


Plenty of opportunities to meet amazing people.

Farewell Alexandra, I hope you eat a poutine in Montreal and maybe we bump into each other before I get to visit your country.

Good luck in Alaska Markus, I wished I could’ve hopped on this crazy adventure with you but I get this feeling that we are not over and I’ll see you again. We had a great time and thanks for the crazy ride. You NEED to drop us a line when you get to Montreal ! And I can’t wait to travel with you again ! Don’t forget to take a leak once in a while and make sure you don’t spend too much of the skrilla while travelling! !

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